soluble fiber

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The enterohepatic recirculation plays a role in the build-up of excess hormones... how do we get the bile molecules (carrying hormonal waste) to travel from the small to the large intestine?

  • we need a substance that binds to the bile molecules + that does not cross the intestinal barrier
  • soluble fiber meets those criteria: 100% of what is caught in the net of soluble fiber will eventually end up in the toilet 

  • if we manage to get adequate amounts of soluble fiber into our diet:
    > we can prevent hormonal recycling from happening
    > we can reduce already existing hormonal build-up

  • importance of soluble instead of insoluble fiber; insoluble fiber does not bind with bile molecules
  • majority of vegetables is high in insoluble fiber
  • beans & legumes: food sources with highest amount of soluble fiber (+-10gr/cup)
  • psyllium husk mixed with sufficient water as an alternative for beans or legumes

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